Contributing a mirror

Contributing a mirror to Exherbo is fairly simple. It consists of syncing with the master mirror every so often via rsync, adding an entry to the arbor line in ::arbor’s mirrors.conf, and submitting a patch to Gitlab, which adds the mirror.

Mirrors with HTTP(S), FTP, with IPv4 and v6 (or both) are currently accepted.

For example, a cronjob executing rsync at 02:42, every day:

42 2 * * * flock /srv/www/distfiles.gov/mirror/exherbo-sync.lock rsync -ruvtE rsync://distfiles.exherbo.org/exherbo-mirror /srv/www/distfiles.gov/mirror/exherbo

flock is used to prevent long rsync operations from starting when the file lock is currently used; otherwise it could result in multiple rsync instances running at a time.

rsync -ruvtE: rsync recursively, update the local directory, verbosely, transfer modification times, and preserve executability.

Obviously, you should not copy this example blindly.

In addition, please don’t synchronize much more than once a day. The main mirror only updates once a day. Your IP may be banned if you are mean to the mirror.

Practice common courtesy and don’t be rude to our servers. Thank you. :)

List of distfile mirrors

Mirror URLOwnerLocationNotes
http://distfiles.exherbo.org/distfiles/Kim Højgaard-Hansen kimrhh@exherbo.orgGermanyMaster mirror, IPv4 only
http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/exherbo/Kim Højgaard-Hansen kimrhh@exherbo.orgDenmarkDual IP stack
ftp://mirrors.dotsrc.org/exherbo/Kim Højgaard-Hansen kimrhh@exherbo.orgDenmarkDual IP stack

List of git repository mirrors

Mirror URLOwnerLocationNotes
https://gitlab.exherbo.org/Exherbo developpers via Clever CloudParis, FranceMaster mirror, IPv4 only
https://git.nightly.network/exherbo/Irvin Choi simdol8080@gmail.comUnited StatesIPv4, HTTPS only

Changing mirror on Paludis

By default, Paludis uses gitlab.exherbo.org to sync repositories with git protocol. To use different repository, simply edit /etc/paludis/repositories/{repository_name}.conf‘s sync value into repository you want to use.

For example, steps for changing git mirror from https://gitlab.exherbo.org/ to https://git.nightly.network/exherbo/ for arbor would be:

1) Open /etc/paludis/repositories/arbor.conf with text-editor of your choice.

2) Under location, replace sync value so that:

sync = git+https://gitlab.exherbo.org/exherbo/arbor.git

would be:

sync = git+https://git.nightly.network/exherbo/arbor.git.

3) Save the file, and exit.

4) Sync the repository, cave sync arbor.

That’s it! If you have multiple repositories that you wish to change the mirror of, consider using sed to make your life easier.

Copyright 2015-2016 Kylie McClain