If a package is found to be out of date and unmaintained or a repository (user repositories, usually) has become unmaintained and no other user is inclined to take over maintenance and management of that package or repository, the appropriate procedure is to “bury” that entity. Buried packages and repos are recorded in the graveyard repository.


The most straightforward way of managing burials is to use the dexter script maintained here.

For proper syntax of .graveyard files, please see the dexter.rb script. For further information on usage of dexter, see README in the dexter repository.


Several keys show up in .graveyard files. Available keys and their significance are described here:

homepageRequired. One or more URIs, space separated
commentRecommended. Why was this package/repo buried?
commit-idWhen possible. The (shortened) id of the commit that removed this package (There is no commit-id for a buried repository.)
descriptionRecommended. Description of the package that was removed
removed-byRequired. Name <email>
removed-fromRequired. Repository that previously held this package. For repositories, this is “unavailable-unofficial”

Notes on graveyard usage

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