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The package app-emacs/exheres-mode provides modes for exhereses, exlibs, and eclectic configuration files.

exheres-mode and exlib-mode

These modes are exheres- and exlib-syntax aware, so that global keywords are recognised; keywords from some exlibs are supported as well.

On top of that, the function insert-exheres-skeleton is provided, which is bound to C-c C-n by default. It inserts a skeleton for an exheres. The name for the copyright header is taken from the customisable variable exheres-skeleton-realname.

When an exheres is saved, the PLATFORMS field is sorted; a warning is issued if the field does not exist.

When an exlib is saved, no PLATFORMS field should be present; a warning is issued otherwise.

Suggested customisations

The following code makes C-c C-p in diff-mode insert a patch header. For this as well, the variable exheres-skeleton-realname is used.

(eval-after-load "diff"
    (require 'skeleton)
    (define-skeleton insert-exherbo-patch-header-skeleton
      "Inserts the standard Exherbo header for patches"
      "Source: " exheres-skeleton-realname "\n"
      "Upstream: \n"
      "Reason: ")
    (require 'diff-mode)
    (define-key diff-mode-map "\C-c\C-p" 'insert-exherbo-patch-header-skeleton)))


The package app-vim/exheres-syntax provides syntax highlighting for exhereses, along with an exheres/exlib template.

For other installation tips and more information, please refer to the plugin repository.